Author: Jaffe Management

13 Jul Some Benefits of Cloud Computing

Non profit associations should strive for efficient operations at all times. The smoother all of the administrative processes are, the easier the day to day operations will be. The first step towards utmost efficiency is to move away from paper files and forms (which can...

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11 Jun Opportunities and Benefits of Cross Promotion

Cross promotion is an essential aspect of running a trade organization that many associations neglect. But the benefits of forming strong relationships with others in your field are innumerable. Chances are, many of your organization’s members also belong to a similar organization in the field....

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15 May 6 Ingredients for Productive Board Meetings

Ben Franklin coined the adage “time is money” well before the age of instant global communication—and yet there are few things in the business world more frustrating than wasted time in meetings. Here are some effective strategies for keeping your meetings productive and meaningful. Strong...

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