Arnela Osmanovic – Bookkeeper

About This Project

Arnela serves as a bookkeeper at Jaffe Management. She has 3 years of nonprofit accounting experience and is excited to further her knowledge and experience with Jaffe. Arnela’s interest in accounting came at an early age as she watched her single mother and first-generation college student earn her accounting degree. At the age of 12 Arnela spent many of her Saturday’s attending her mother’s weekend accounting classes, so taking the same educational route was inevitable.


Arnela is also a mother of three ages 11, 7 and 4 and wife to her high school sweetheart. When Arnela is not bookkeeping she enjoys spending every other free moment is spent with her family. With the outgoing and adventurous family she has, this usually means they are out somewhere hiking, mountain biking, or rolling on a Jiujitsu mat. The love for combat sports and adrenalin filled adventures run deep in the heart of her family and her free time reflects so.