Severyn Skoug – Creative Director

IntrinXec Team Member

Step right up and meet Severyn Skoug. He is the creative director in charge of IntrinXec’s award winning creative department. During the daily 9 – 5 work day, well make that more like 7 to whenever (because yes, he is a morning person), you will find him running the creative department. What does that entail you may ask? Well it involves working with a team of talented professionals to create and distribute; advertising, branding, event collateral, marketing materials, messaging, promotional items, websites, you name it. He and his team are go-getters, working to better the image and presence of each and every client IntrinXec serves.

In his past “lives” he has worked in pre-press and production, digital printing, graphic design, web design and art direction. Throughout his career he has learned that hard work and dedication go a long way. To do better, is to be better both personally and professionally. One of his favorite quotes is, “Greatness is earned, never awarded.”

Now that we got the “boring” part out of the way, you might be wondering what he does in his free time. Well you can find him doing anything from enjoying wine to wrangling goats on he and his husband’s farm in Wisconsin. He loves to tour local wineries and breweries in the Mid-West and travel to new places. He also likes to go to shows, read books, watch TV (one of his favorite being “Game of Thrones”) and movies, catch a baseball game, relax on the couch or outside on the deck – when it is nice, of course.

Now that you have met Sev, what can he do for you? Get in touch: phone, email, LinkedIn.