Q: Does our organization still belong to us?

A: Yes! Think of Jaffe Management as an outsourced staff. We do not “take over” your organization’s name, mission or leadership; we simply help to fulfill its needs. Your organization keeps its own name, brand, board, phone number and email address.



Q: Will the Jaffe logo now be on our website and documents?

A: Nope! Your identity stays the same. You keep your logo, and your members will never see ours. We never answer the phone with “Jaffe Management” (only with the name of your organization), and all your stakeholders ever see is your brand.



Q: Who will manage my organization?

A: Our typical staffing plan includes three individuals working for your organization – an executive director, program associate and a bookkeeper. Depending on the size and function of your organization, we adjust staffing to fit your needs.



Q: How does Jaffe Management “run” my organization?

A: The Executive Director (ED) is appointed to your organization to execute its vision and manage its day-to-day affairs. The Program Associate typically handles the website, takes minutes, compiles data, coordinates event logistics and processes membership. The Bookkeeper manages, reconciles and completes all entries to your association’s bank and investment accounts and usually handles invoice processing, dues payments and other financials, including yearly audits and 990 filing support.