Jaffe Management Acquires Minnesota-based IntrinXec Management

Jaffe Management Acquires Minnesota-based IntrinXec Management

Jaffe Management is pleased to announce its acquisition of Minnesota-based association management firm IntrinXec Management, Inc. David Jaffe, founder and principal of the New York-headquartered company, has said that he plans to keep both organizations separate for the foreseeable future, in order to maintain their successful, ongoing client relationships.

“IntrinXec Management is a great company, having been named one of the best places to work by Minnesota Business Magazine for the last six years in a row,” said Jaffe. “Its founder, Jaime Nolan, and I have been professional colleagues and friends for more than a decade. She and I share many similar values, and I am more than familiar with her high caliber of client care.”

Nolan is stepping down from her day-to-day responsibilities with IntrinXec, a 14-year-old company, but will remain on as a consultant to assist with the transition. Nolan said that she was confident that Jaffe Management, a relatively small, boutique firm, was the best choice for IntrinXec’s clients.

“It was important to me that both our employees and clients continued to feel important to IntrinXec and that they felt appreciated and supported by the new owner,” said Nolan. “Having known David for many years, there was no doubt in my mind that he would show the same level of care toward them as he does his own employees and clients.”

IntrinXec’s twenty-two association clients will join Jaffe’s current client roster of twenty, and Jaffe’s staff of eighteen will be joined by IntrinXec’s twenty association professionals. Jaffe Management, which also has offices in New York and New Jersey, plans to keep staffing and client assignments the same in all three states, meaning no employee or office changes are on the horizon for either company – with the exception of ownership – following the acquisition, which was formalized in late December.

“IntrinXec has such strong name recognition in our industry and has clearly done a great job growing strategically over the years,” said Jaffe. “Jaime has built up a great company, and it will continue to be run out of Minneapolis by its extraordinary management team and staff.”

Association management companies act as a substitute for traditional administrative offices for membership-driven trade and professional organizations. This acquisition will provide added opportunities for the Jaffe and IntrinXec staffs to expand their service offerings, multiply the number of available “headquarters” meeting spaces for their fly-in clients, and increase their respective bandwidths for their clients’ busier times of the year.

“We already specialize in the shared-service model of organizational management, due to the very nature of our industry,” said Jaffe, “so combining our talents to offer more in the way of service delivery and customer support is second nature to us and will ultimately provide the very best possible options, opportunities and outcomes for our clients.”