Jaffe Management Expands to New Jersey

30 Jun Jaffe Management Expands to New Jersey

Jaffe Management, a 10-year-old association management firm that is headquartered in New York City, recently announced its expansion to New Jersey. Its new satellite office will be based in Rutherford and will house some of Jaffe’s long-time employees, as well as a few new hires to accommodate the firm’s expanding clientele.

While Jaffe has brick-and-mortar offices in New York and New Jersey, it virtually manages clients around the country. Jaffe, a professional management company, replaces the need for traditional administrative offices and paid staff members by handling the day-to-day administrative responsibilities “behind the scenes,”  working with Board Members to ensure that their time is being used as efficiently as possible and by absorbing much of their overhead costs.

Oftentimes, standalone association staff are stretched thin on duties that are better handled by individuals whose skills and experiences align with the tasks that are needed at that particular time. Jaffe Management provides supplemental, specialized staff to allow existing leadership to focus on areas that require their expertise and is able to support every facet of an association’s needs, including membership, event planning and office management.

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