Opportunities and Benefits of Cross Promotion

Opportunities and Benefits of Cross Promotion

Cross promotion is an essential aspect of running a trade organization that many associations neglect. But the benefits of forming strong relationships with others in your field are innumerable.

Chances are, many of your organization’s members also belong to a similar organization in the field. Rather than thinking of the other organization as competition for your own, working together can open up doors for your own group. From increasing membership numbers, getting new ideas or new audiences for events, and even to co-producing events, partnerships can only help the forward direction of your group.

What better way to get the word out about your organization than advertising to those who already have a strong vested interest in your field? Doing a quid pro quo agreement for event marketing will allow you to find a new audience for events that you may not have had before. Rather than sharing lists with the partnering organization, send emails on their behalf instead, with the benefit that they send one for you as well. A registration or interest from a member of another group is one more email on your mailing list. Which leads me to….

While it may seem that members may not be interested in yet another trade association, active members tend to be, well, actively involved. Belonging to more groups only provides more networking and educational opportunities. If it works for both parties, providing special rates to members of another organization may help increase membership opportunities.

Providing financial support to another organization may also be of good use. While this won’t always be available on most budgets, supporting a specific event also gives an opportunity to get the word out about your organization. Sponsorship opportunities means branding at the very least, with the possibility of a table where you can meet and greet their members, hand out swag, and share information about the educational opportunities that your organization has to offer.

Stuck trying to find a speaker for a panel? Interested in bringing a new face to your event? Chances are, someone at your partner organization has a helpful contact, or a speaker from a past event who is just right for the job. Use six degrees of separation and see what new contacts your partnership will bring.

Your members aren’t the only ones who need to network. Attending the events of your partner organization not only gives you the chance to learn from their events, but also to network with others about what your organization is doing. As long as you attend without any major marketing motives, your presence shows support as well as an interest in their work.

Attending events, getting a glimpse into email marketing, social networking, and their website can give you ideas for your own organization, which can only motivate you to do more for your members.

You probably already know of at least one other organization in your field. A little simple internet research can let you know more. Perhaps a board member of yours also belongs to their organization, or you share some of the same membership base already.

Find your contact there and set up a time to iron out the details for your partnership. Be specific in terms of the details- how many emails will you send on the other person’s behalf? Where can you lend support, and how often? Once the details are laid out, enjoy the benefits of your new organization’s partnership.