Allison Hogan, CMP – Conference Director

About This Project

Allison Hogan, CMP serves as a Conference Director for Jaffe Management and assists with the annual New York Podiatric Clinical Conference and Exhibition, which draws more than 3,000 attendees and 250 exhibitors to Midtown Manhattan every January. In this role, she manages the continuing education contact hours (CECH) credit process and works with Board leadership to create a seamless onsite experience for attendees.

Prior to joining Jaffe Management, Allison was a Special Events and Projects Coordinator where she designed and maintained a convention website, established and implemented a convention programming committee, designed room setups for event spaces, and conducted surveys and tabulations of results for new member events, in addition to a variety of other responsibilities. In her free time, Allison loves spending time outdoors especially at the beach, hanging out with her nieces and exploring places she has not been before. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Elementary Education from Montclair State University.