Gabe Smith – Program Manager

About This Project

Prior to joining the CXPA, Gabe Smith spent 11 years with the American Cancer Society, where he led customer experience improvement initiatives for a variety of signature fundraising events. One of Gabe’s daily goals as a CX leader was to find at least one piece of great content to spur discussion among his team members and to drive action that made things better for customers. He brings that same sensibility to his work as Content Manager, where he creates and curates the kind of content that he would want to find as a practitioner.


In addition to the CCXP credential, Gabe holds a Bachelor’s in English from the University of Northern Iowa as well as a teaching certification.


When he’s not at work, you might see Gabe on the stage or hear him on the radio, as he loves acting in plays and recording voice spots. He loves to explore, whether that’s something as majestic as Macchu Picchu or just that new diner down the road from his home in northwest Ohio. Above all, though, his favorite hobby is playing with his daughter Mae and spending time with his wife, Mindy.